Important Updates

Updated as of 10/5/2020:


In light of the new restrictions for all home-based businesses (with reference to this announcement):

  • All orders placed during this period will automatically be put on hold. Delivery will only resume after the restrictions are lifted (I will update you via my Instagram if there are any changes). Kindly only place any orders if you're okay with waiting!
  • Orders can and will be combined for shipping (only applicable for orders being shipped to the SAME person/name and address). This means that:
    • You will only pay a one-time courier fee of $3.80. Any extra fees for subsequent orders placed during this period will be refunded. You may key in the discount code "COMBINED" to waive shipping fees for subsequent orders too.
    • As a thank you for your patience and support, if you accumulate a total of $130 and above across multiple orders, you will be entitled to free local courier delivery (previously only applicable to orders of $150 and above in a single purchase). I will refund any paid fees as well.
  • If you place any orders via both Instagram DM AND my website, do let me know so that I can keep track of all your orders!


All launches will still proceed as planned. Thank you if you choose to support me in any way at all during this trying time. I really appreciate it a lot (-:

Do stay safe and take care of yourselves!