28/8 Pop-up Tickets

Terms & Conditions:


- Each ticket admits up to 2 pax only. As such, you may come with a friend if you’d like to!

- Each ticket only allows you to purchase up to 6 items in total. Earrings and sale items are excluded. If you would like to purchase anything more than that, you may come back during the walk-in period after 2pm instead (subject to availability of items)!

- Each person is only allowed to purchase 1 ticket. If you purchase more than 1 ticket, your order(s) will be cancelled and your tickets will be put back up for sale.

- The deposit/fee of $6 is purely just to avoid cases of no-shows. It will be deducted from your total purchase at the pop-up! Or if you end up not purchasing anything, the fee will be refunded to you as well, but only at the pop-up itself. No refunds will be given if you fail to turn up.

- Your chosen timeslot has to be strictly adhered to. If you are late, you will have to wait till any other ticket holders present at the booth have left before your turn.