Signature Blue Seascape Striped Wooden Bowl #1 (Food-Safe)

Take a piece of the ocean with you!

Made with food-safe resin, this bowl can be used to hold & organise not just the usual jewelry, paper clips, keys, coins and other trinkets, but also food such as snacks!

Dimensions: 15cm across x 5cm tall


DISCLAIMER: The resin surface has a temperature resistance of up to 50°C so food such as hot soups, desserts and more should not be placed on it. To find out more about how to care for your food-safe items, you may visit this link:



- The base of this bowl is slightly rounded/uneven (see my Instagram Story Highlights for videos) so the price of it has been marked down.

- This item is handmade, so imperfections are to be expected.

- Actual colors may differ slightly due to different resolutions on different devices.