Food-Safe Guide

Note that all food-safe items WILL be specified as such. Otherwise it is not food-safe.

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1. What does food-safe mean?

It is safe for direct and incidental contact with food, which means you can eat or drink out of it.


2. How do you make it (or know that it is) food-safe?

I use FDA-approved food-safe resin. You can read more about it here:

Kindly note that I would not claim that something is food-safe if it isn't. If you still have doubts about this after reading the article linked above, simply avoid placing food on the resin surface. All of my food-safe items are made with the intention to serve as trinket bowls/trays/dishes to store or organise other items too. Making it food-safe is simply to offer yet another option/way of using the items I make.



Important things to note*:

- Kindly wash any food-safe items with soap & water before using them for food.

- The resin surface has a temperature resistance of up to 50°C so food such as hot soups, desserts and more should not be placed on it. Doing so may burn/melt the resin surface.

- Avoid placing them in dishwashers, microwaves or ovens.

- The resin surface should NOT be used as a surface for any preparation that involves chopping, cutting etc. In other words, do not use it as a chopping board.

*Failure to abide by these may potentially render the resin surface non food-safe.


If you have any other concerns that are NOT addressed here, you may email me at or DM me on Instagram at @sincerelycherise.